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February 10, 2018 @ 7:30pm | Motueka

Piano Recital    SOLD OUT


Invited French Pianist

Katherine NIKITINE


General admission $20 – under 12 free


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After three years of touring in NZ,
Piano on Tour took part in a larger venture in Europe
with the Resonnance Foundation


Resonnance organizes around 400 concerts and masterclasses every year,

in seven countries


JF Robert, founder of Piano on Tour, was the director by interim of the Resonnance Foundation, while Claire Rouault was performing charitable concerts and taking part in masterclasses


Piano on Tour will be back in New Zealand in 2018.

Piano on Tour’s concerts are performed on a concert grand piano by French concert pianists Claire Rouault and Jean-François Robert, or by invited artists.
Length and content of concerts can be adapted to suit the audience. To enquire about booking a concert in your area please contact us here.

In less than one year, Claire Rouault gained an exceptional renown in New Zealand. Claire was chosen amongst the “favorite places and people in NZ” for 2014 by “North&South” magazine. The Piano has always been an essential part of Claire’s life and music her main language. Claire performed her first solo concert with an orchestra when she was 11 years old. She studied at the National Superior Music Conservatory of Paris, France’s top music school (Piano First Prize with honours). She won two major competitions, the Claude Kahn competition (2001) and the Anton Rubinstein Competition (2003). Claire shares her time between France and NZ. For more information, visit Claire’s website at www.clairerouault.com

Jean-François Robert has a life-long involvement with music. His deep passion for the piano was triggered by a performance he heard at 5 years old at a cultural centre run by his mother in France. Jean-François started performing both piano and violin in public when he was 10 years old. As an adult Jean-François has given and organised hundreds of concerts, he’s played in orchestras, written music articles for French newspaper Le Monde, and has published several novels and photographs (photography website: www.jfrobert.com). After falling in love with New Zealand and moving here in 2011, Jean-François realised he could bring some of his experience, talent, and passion for classical music to the Kiwi communities. He founded Piano on Tour in 2012. In 2016 he was the director by interim of the Resonnance Foundation, a Swiss trust organizing 400 concerts and masterclasses every year, in seven countries. Jean-Francois has also founded an artist retreat in Marahau: Space Between.